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One-Year Residential Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Shaw Services performs (2) maintenance inspections in a one-year time frame:

  • Includes one cooling inspection (typically in the spring) for your a/c system
  • Includes one heating inspection (typically in the fall) for your heating system
  • Maintenance agreement customers receive preferred/priority service
  • Inspections are performed during regular business hours only. The first appointment of the day is 8-9 am and the last appointment is 3-5pm

Services include:

  • Condensate drain line clearing and inspection
  • Heat ex-changer and coil inspection
  • Air stream and duct inspection
  • Combustion vent pipe, combustion system inspection
  • Set and check duct volume air dampers
  • Check and clean gas burners (gas systems only)
  • Check ignition and flame pattern (gas systems only)
  • Inspect and measure auxiliary strip heater operation
  • Measure blower motor amp draw and lubricate the motor bearings as necessary. Inspect the blower assembly and blower wheel. Light cleaning is included.
  • Check the outdoor coil for damage or blockage
  • Inspect the fan motor and prop, measure motor and compressor amperage
  • Check the refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Energize system and check for correct performance and operation

Equipment investment cost:

One system – $160
Two systems – $290
Three systems – $420
(Each system usually equals one thermostat)

Shaw Services collects for the new maintenance agreement upon the first visit. Renewals are handled in the same manner. Please be sure and call us in the spring or fall to schedule your inspections. We typically send out a reminder letter to schedule your appointment.

To Schedule Maintenance: call 571-261-3800.